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David Rozenblatt has collaborated with some of the finest talents in pop, jazz and classical music. Since joining Barry Manilow in 2003, he has appeared to sold out arenas all over the world and recorded Grammy nominated, Emmy winning and chart topping albums and DVDs.  Rozenblatt received two Grammy nominations for both classical and pop genres: Absolute Ensemble’s Absolution (Best Small Ensemble Performance) and Barry Manilow’s platinum selling album In The Swing of Christmas (Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album).  Both feature The Matt Herskowitz Trio, with whom Rozenblatt is a co-founding member.  The trio’s albums Forget Me Not and Jerusalem Trilogy were nominated for both the Felix and Juno Awards for “Best Contemporary Jazz Album”.  In 2018 Tony Bennet Celebrates 90 (an NBC Special) won the Grammy Award for “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album” which features Rozenblatt on Leslie Odom Jr’s gorgeous rendition of Autumn Leaves.

As drummer, producer and composer for the critically acclaimed, Grammy nominated and German Record Critics Award winning Absolute Ensemble, Rozenblatt can be heard on the group’s 8 recordings. He served as producer on FIX (Enja Records) featuring the late Blood Sweat and Tears trumpeter, Lew Soloff.

As the drummer, producer and composer for the critically acclaimed, Grammy nominated, and German Record Critics Award winning Absolute Ensemble, Rozenblatt can be heard on the group’s 8 recordings. He served as producer on FIX, featuring the late Blood Sweat and Tears trumpeter Lew Soloff.  As a soloist, Rozenblatt played the Australian premier of Mark Anthony Turnage’s “Blood on the Floor” with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.  He is currently soloing with the Baltic Sea Philharmonic performing Philip Glass’s “Aguas De Amazonia” from the album Rozenblatt recorded with acclaimed conductor Kristjan Jarvi.

Rozenblatt composed five original ballets.  Three Point Turn (2008), written for legendary prima ballerina Diana Vishneva, Desmond Richardson and the Kirov Ballet, premiered at New York City Center, Orange County Performing Arts Center and Stanislavsky Musical Theater (Moscow). It won three Golden Mask Awards for ”Best Female Performer”, “Best Ballet” and the “Critic’s Prize”.  Othello (2009) written for Charlotte Ballet, premiered to rave reviews. Dirty Wire (2010), Imprint Maya (2013) and Chronicle (2015) written for Complexions Contemporary Ballet all premiered at The Joyce Theater (New York). Imprint Maya, was featured in the LA Times and had a successful run at The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  David’s “Dispute In Conclusion Unplugged” composed for Seattle Symphony’s Chamber Series, had reviewers raving.  Bachtrack wrote, “Of the 21st-century composers, David Rozenblatt stole the show…[His score] left the audience breathless before they shouted a collective ‘Wow!’”.  In mid November Rozenblatt’s Flux (2018) will be premiered by the Baltic Sea Philharmonic in Abu Dhabi and at the Dubai Opera House.


Rozenblatt has shared the stage with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Paul Simon, Tony Bennett, Andrea Bocelli, k.d. Lang, The Killers, Usher, Reba McEntire, Joe Zawinul, Ornette Coleman, Pierre Boulez, Elliot Carter, Will Ferrell and Bill Murray.   He has performed on the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, The 22nd, 24th and 26th Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, The Emmy Awards, The American Music Awards, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Show With David Letterman, VH1, A&E’s Live By Request, PBS’s Soundstage, Good Morning America, The Ellen Show, The Today Show, The Early Show, and BBC.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Rozenblatt moved to the United States at the age of 4.  At 5 he started playing professionally with his father, and years later, received his Master’s degree from The Juilliard School.  

Rozenblatt also devotes time to his students (both in person and online) and is currently an adjunct professor of percussion at Hofstra University.  When not performing, he is recording music for various artists, TV shows and films from his recording studio in New York City (PencilFactoryRecording.com).  Rozenblatt proudly and officially endorses © Latin Percussion (LP), YAMAHA Drums and Percussion, VIC FIRTH sticks and mallets, and REMO Heads.




Commissioned by Seattle Symphony

“Of the 21st-century composers, David Rozenblatt stole the show…[His score] left the audience breathless before they shouted a collective ‘Wow!’ ”

Lutosławskian Seattle Symphony Celebrates American Composers
“…striking…raucous [and] pulsing…devilishly amusing.”

OTHELLO 2009/2014
Commissioned by Charlotte Ballet

Classical Voice of North Carolina
“[The score] contains all the peculiar variety and rich strangeness of music in a dream…Visually and aurally, this is a world complete…. Its conception is brilliant; its undertaking enormous and full of risk.”

Creative Loafing Charlotte
“…easily the most visually arresting and dramatically compelling choreography that Rhoden has brought to us, [the visual production] meshed beautifully with Rozenblatt’s score…”

For Diana Vishneva and the Mariinsky Ballet (Kirov)
WINNER: 2 Golden Mask Awards and the festival’s Critics’ Prize

Los Angeles Times
“…turbulent, exciting…”

Moscow Times
“…a high-energy, sexually charged romp onstage.”

Arts Journal
“…pointedly unlike the material [Vishneva] dances with her home company or with American Ballet Theater…Complexions Dance Company provided the most striking piece, “Three Point Turn.”

Gay City Times
“…an excellent and unusual score…”

Commissioned by Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Oregon Artswatch
“…a quietly intense and almost jointless fusion of sight and sound and emotion.
“This work, with its cold clear vision of ‘these days of bloody screaming’ and its corresponding, improbable sense of grace, is for me the highlight of the evening.”

North Texas Performing Arts News
“…passionate vocals set against piano and minimal strings offered a blank slate for Rhoden to experiment”

Living Out Loud Los Angeles
“A Modern Twist on the Traditional…a highlight.”

Fjord Review
“…a beautiful collaboration, with David Rozenblatt bringing us a stunning piece of his music.”



2018   Andrea Griminelli and Matt Herskowitz Trio – Bach Reimagined  CD
Matt Herskowitz Trio with virtuoso flutist extraordinaire Andrea Griminelli. This album features nine new arrangements of popular Bach pieces in a variety of styles and genres, including Jazz swing, Gospel, Groove, Ballad, Salsa, Tango, Bolero and Habañera. Beautiful tones, lush harmonies and high-octane virtuosity abound in these reimaginings of Bach pieces.
Drummer, Trio member

2018   Shoshana Bean  – Spectrum  CD
(Shosh Records) Jazz/Big Band 

2017   Kristjan Jarvi, Absolute Ensemble, MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra – Philip Glass: Aguas da Amazonia  CD
(Orange Mountain Music) Classical, minimalism
Percussionist, Drummer, Ensemble member

2017   Matt Herskowitz Trio – Forget Me Not  CD
The Original album released in 2006 was Québec’s 2007 Félix Award nominee for “Best Jazz Album”
Co-producer, Drummer, Arranger, Trio member

2016   Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga – Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 CD
(NBC Special, Columbia Records) Jazz/Pop

2015   Matt Herskowitz Trio and Philippe Quint – Bach XXI  CD
(Avanti Jazz) Contemporary Jazz/Classical crossover
Drummer, Trio member

2015   A Very Murray Christmas (A Netflix Original) Film

2014   Barry Manilow – Live From Paris Las Vegas DVD
(Stiletto Entertainment) Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock
Percussionist and 2nd Drummer in “American Bandstand”, Band member

2014   Le Refuge Short Film

2012   David Rozenblatt – Dirty Wire  CD
From the 2010 ballet choreographed by Dwight Rhoden for Complexions Contemporary Ballet
(Mishegas Music) Rock/Jazz/Classical crossover

2012   David Rozenblatt – Three Point Turn  CD
From the 2007 ballet choreographed by Dwight Rhoden for Diana Vishneva, Desmond Richardson and the Mariinsky Ballet (f.k.a. The Kirov). 
(Mishegas Music) Electronic/Jazz/Classical crossover

2012   Barry Manilow – The Classic Christmas Album CD
(Stiletto Entertainment) Adult Contemporary
Percussionist, Band member

2012   Barry Manilow – Live in London DVD and CD
(Stiletto Entertainment) Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock
Percussionist, Band member

2011 Jim Bauer And The Weimarband – Songs Of The Blue Flower CD
(Pontoon Records) Broadway Soundtrack
Percussionist, Band member

2010   Matt Herskowitz (Trio) – Jerusalem Trilogy  CD
Juno Award nominee for “Best Contemporary Jazz Album”
(Justin Time) Contemporary Jazz
Drummer, Trio member

2009   David Rozenblatt – Othello  CD
From the ballet choreographed by Dwight Rhoden for The Charlotte Ballet (f.k.a. North Carolina Dance Theater)
(Mishegas Music) Rock/Jazz/Classical crossover

2009   Barry Manilow/Matt Herskowitz Trio – In The Swing Of Christmas  CD
Gold Record with over 500,000 albums sold in the US
2009 Grammy nomination for “Best Adult Contemporary Pop Vocal”
(Arista) Jazz/Adult Contemporary Pop
Drummer, Percussionist, Band Member (Barry Manilow), Trio (The Matt Herskowitz Trio)

2009   Manuel Mijares – Vivir Así  CD
(WM Mexico) Pop

2008   Barry Manilow – Happy Holiday DVD
From the 2003 A&E Live By Request Christmas Special
(Stiletto TV)
Percussionist, Band member

2008   Barry Manilow – The Greatest Songs Of The 80’s  CD
(Sony/Arista) Pop
Percussionist, Band member

2008   Sheera Ben-David – On A Carousel  CD
(Sheera Ben-David) Cabaret

2008   Sound Liberation – Days  CD
(Col Legno) Hip-Hop/Classical crossover
Drummer, Band member

2008   Barry Manilow – Songs From The Seventies  DVD
Emmy Award Nominee for Outstanding Music Direction
(PBS Special)
Percussionist, Band member

2007   Barry Manilow – The Greatest Songs Of The 70’s  CD
(Sony/Arista) Pop
Percussionist, Band member

2007   Gheorghe Costinescu – A Live Retrospective: 1952–2002  CD
(Capstone Records) Classical Contemporary
Body Percussionist

2006   Barry Manilow – Music and Passion  DVD
3 time platinum, Emmy Award winner for “Outstanding Individual Performance In A Variety Or Music Program” and
No. 2 on Billboard top 10
(Stiletto TV) Pop
Percussionist, Band member

2006   Perfume: The Story of a Murderer CD
Major Motion Picture
Drummer, Percussionist, Sound effects

2006   Barry Manilow – First and Farewell  DVD
(Stiletto TV) Pop
Percussionist, Band member

2006   Absolute Ensemble – Arcanum  CD
(Bis Records) Classical Contemporary
Percussionist, Band member

2006   Dagmar – Door No. 1  CD
(Breathing Room Music Records) Alternative Rock
Drummer, Band member

2004   Beth Anderson – Swales and Angels (New World)  CD Classical Contemporary

2003   Elliot Goldenthal – S.W.A.T. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 
(Varese Sarabande Records)

2002   Absolute Ensemble – FIX  CD
Featuring Trumpet great Lew Soloff
(Enja & Cantaloupe) Acid Jazz/Classical
Producer, Drummer, Band member

2002   Weimarband – Sturm n’ Twang Original EP
(19 Records) Alternative Rock
Percussionist, Band member

2001   Martin Kuuskmann with Bill Schimmel and David Rozenblatt  – Archipelago – Archipelago  CD
(CCn’C Records) Jazz/Classical/Crossover
Drummer, Percussionist

2001   Absolute Ensemble – Absolution  CD
Grammy Nomination for “Best Small Ensemble”
(Enja Records) Classical Contemporary/Jazz Crossover
Drummer, Percussionist, Band member

2000   Absolute Ensemble – Absolute Mix, A Live Recording  CD
(CCn’C Records) Classical Contemporary
Percussionist, Drummer, Band member

2000   Paquito D’Rivera/Absolute Ensemble – Habanera  CD
(Enja Records) Jazz/Classical Crossover
Percussionist, Ensemble member

1999   Absolute Ensemble – Adams/Schoenberg Chamber Symphonies  CD
(CCn’C Records) Classical Contemporary
Percussionist, Ensemble member

1999   Absolute Ensemble – Architectonics  CD
(CCn’C Records) Classical Contemporary
Percussionist, Ensemble member

1996   ST-X Ensemble Xenakis USA – Ensemble music 2  CD
(Mode Records) Contemporary Classical
Djembe 3

1996   Carter Burwell – The Chamber  CD
(Varese Sarabande Records) Movie soundtrack

1996   The Matt Herskowitz Trio – Lucid
OUT OF PRINT  Contact David Rozenblatt for a copy.
(Ethereal Records) Jazz
Drummer, Band member